Supreme Dev OS is an out-of-the-box development environment for creating games in Godot

Supreme Dev OS contains all the necessary capabilities to make your game development experience as pleasant as one can possibly get!
Try it out and start making some SUPREME video-games!

A short word of our founder:

Greetings aspiring entrepreneur,

Did you ever dream of getting rich?
Well now you can! Just use our Supreme Dev OS and get rich in almost no time at all!

Andrew "I like money" Pantheon,  CEO of Pantheon Incorporated

WARNING: Users are reporting issues with the barracuda X99-A graphics card's driver being out of date, but we assure you that these people are Unity dissidents and have no place in the ecosystem that we, here at Pantheon Inc., are trying to proliferate.

WARNING: Some users seem to demand that they be granted root access. It is not Pantheon's policy to give users access to elevated privileges. Please contact your nearest Pantheon Fulfillment Center in case of ongoing issues.

DISCLAIMER: Any and all games made in Supreme Dev OS legally belong to Pantheon Inc. and its shareholders. Any and all revenue generated is 100% property of Pantheon Inc. and full legal action will be taken to anyone who does not comply to these rules.

GenrePuzzle, Simulation
Made withGodot

Development log


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This is so amazing! Made it through without the walkthrough, no big deal

Thanks :) good that you figured it out!

Some people seem to require the walkthrough though, either due to impatience or them not having any experience with the console.