• WASD or Arrow Keys: Character Movement
  • TAB: Recharge/Switch character

Bump into enemies to attack, and don't forget to bump into allies to heal them!


Made with Godot Engine v3.2.2, Pyxel Edit & Krita

M0TH3R is open-source: you can get the source code here.
You can download the soundtrack here.


Windows 27 MB
Version 62 Aug 24, 2020
Linux 28 MB
Version 62 Aug 24, 2020


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amazing game , just one thing was annoying me is that i can't see an image of the current robot in action, but i finished it and really enjoyed it :) , it was so fun to play and also i didn't read any of the text except in the final mission . great work

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I enjoyed the game. Good work. Only thing missing now is Mother's name in the indicator box and a "win screen" for when you beat the last boss =) 

Ceak! 😄 Thanks a ton for playing our game! I'm glad you enjoyed it! We started  to run out of time and some things just didn't make it in sadly. But once the Jam is over if we decide to develop further I'll be sure to let you know asap.

Sounds good =) 

This was fun.

Too much text; didn't read any of it -- but that's a me thing.  Good work :)

Hahahah, understandable. I have a lot of friends like that. But hey! You skipped reading and still enjoyed it. So that's a good sign! Lol

It started very, very good, and the intro is super fun ! (I liked the french names of the robots XD)
But the second act freeze after we finished moving all the characters. Also the "ennemies" act very wierdly  (they pretty much teleport to the door before walking back)

:) Thanks for playing!

We are still hammering out all the bugs, please check back at the submission deadline for the (hopefully) bug-free result :D

Hey Saellenee, thanks for playing. Most issues should be ironed out now! 

I updated the tutorial as well in the meantime :) hope you'll give the game another try!