Everybody's favorite Tinman is back for another adventure! Find your heart and rescue the Emerald City from the Wicked Witch of the West. 

Controlling your metal body is easy. Move around with the arrow keys, interact with the F key, swing your trusty axe with the E key, and activate your heart (if and when you find it!) with H!

  • Isabella Lau: Compositions and SFX
  • Sarah Sage: Wicked Witch of the West
  • Piet Bronders: Programming, Game Design, Level Design
  • Laurent Van Acker: Art

Development log


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Really loved the game. Reminds me of a new game that came out for xbox called Medium where yu swap from different worlds. Really nice and playful artwork, the theme music for the emerald world really fit in nicely, and loved Sarah's witch voice.

overall, i liked i

HAHAHAHA, i love the poetry

can i skip the poetry?